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Ideal set for comic starters, working great for filigree design work!Develop your skills and express your ideas through beautiful designs Dip Pen!

This Comics & Manga Dip Pen is perfect for beginners or for those who like to try out different nibs. Ideal for cartoonists and artists, Ideal for lettering, calligraphy, poster making, cartooning, sketching, mapping.

Explore the world of lettering,comic and manga with our 5 Comic Nibs. Whether you’re experienced or new to the art, this comprehensive calligraphy nib set is perfect for practicing your skills and creating beautiful designs.

There are 3 basic nibs:-G-pen/ Saji-pen /Mau-pen nibs:
G-pen is the most popular pen for all manga and comic artists. With its elastic and flexible nib tip, G nib can create from fine lines to bold lines depending on the pressure you apply.
Saji-pen (spoon-pen), also known as tama pen or kabura pen, creates uniformed lines with its hard nib tip. This drawing nib is easier to control and the perfect choice for beginners.
Maru-pen (round-pen) nib flows very smoothly on manga paper. Also known as mapping nib, it's perfect for drawing delicate lines. With its firm tip, it is ideal for making thin hair strokes and fine details, etc.
All drawing pen nibs will securely attach to the one nib holder that comes with the kit. 

-Pen holder is made from wooden material which is durable, sturdy and comfortable to hold.
-Nibs are made of stainless steel which is anti-corrosive, not easy to bent.
-5 styles nibs for your all kinds of painting needs.
-Take a really fine nail file and have the nib run over it 3-4 times ( as you should always do with this type of nib) to make the gliding over the writing area really smooth.
-Can absorb proper amount of ink to create your desired lines.
-Ideal set for comic starters, working great for filigree design work.
-Ideal for cartoonists and artists looking to create fine line, lithography, cross-hatching, alphabets, and uniform line drawings.

Package Included:
1 X Comics & Japan Manga Dip Pen

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