Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

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The Best Soft Magnetic Eyelashes for Quick And Easy Application!

These Magnetic Lashes Will Make You Give Up Your Messy Lash Glue for Good. Voluminous lashes minus the sticky mess. Magnetic lashes clip is made of premium stainless steel alloy with a strong magnetic force, which allows you to automatically grab magnetic eyelashes instead of manually clipping.

The magnetic eyelash curler and accessories are made of stainless steel alloy material and plastic,so it is not easy to deform that you can use it for a long time.It is waterproof and long lasting,can stay for long hour.

Engineered with soft magnetic strips and curvy clamp design is also for further curling after applying magnetic eyelashes. ergonomically designed with soft magnetic strip to avoid hurting your eyelids while protecting your fragile eyelashes.
In this way, applying magnetic eyelashes is like a piece of cake -
just attach, clip & release!

Place the eyelashes on the magnet part of the eyelash curler. Make sure the magnetic stripes face each other. Move your eyelashes towards your eyes and keep their arms above and below the real eyelashes. Gently touch the top arm to the eyelid and close the bottom arms. Now release the lasher.

Strong magnetic force magnetic strips automatically attach magnetic eyelashes with correct angle. Easy to grab and remove eyelashes. Impressively lightweight and small in size, you can easily slip this tool into your purse or pocket, allowing you to apply, remove or repair your lashes on-the-go at a moment’s notice.

Are You Still Doing These?
You can now avoid unnecessary harm and save more money for doing these. 
Save up the costly expenses on eyelash extension.
Avoid from eyelash glue that causes the eyelid sensitively.
The risk of falling eyelash after the eyelash extension.

How To Use:
-Place eyelashes onto the magnet part of Lasher. Be sure the magnetic strips face each other.
-Move Lasher toward your eyes and keep its arms above and below your real eyelash.
-Gently touch the top arm to your eyelid, close the bottom arm. Now release Lasher.
-When you want to pull off your lash, just find the position of magnets, and twist it gently from your eyes, then, there you go. done! 

Ideal for all event,function,bridal make up,personal potrait make up and etc..

Package Included:
1 X Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

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