Speedy Slim Toe Sleeve

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Muscle tension effect gives a light exercise features!
Just Wear And Slim! Magic of toe sleeve!

Speedy Slim Toe Sleeve is a new generation of professional beautiful leg split toe cover, wrong walking posture is the biggest reason for thick legs. Split toe cover can reduce shock and pressure for you.

The Speedy Slim Toe Sleeve design can effectively separate the toes and avoid squeezing, making it more comfortable to wear , Walk more comfortable, use advanced materials, soft and comfortable, high elasticity, not easy to deform, resistant to aging!

It correct toe shape,Supports uncorrected toe shape to induce foot balance and correct the wrong posture and gait of O-shape ,gives a moderate stimulus to the toes .It helps to adjust body balance when walking or standing. Muscle tension effect gives a light exercise effect ,it take the center of gravity in the inner thigh in that it has high design the bottom thickness over the ring finger from the middle finger O legs also support measures.

How to use?
1. Please insert the second and third toe
2. Please fit your toes in line with the remaining holes.
You can wear socks or stockings after wearing them.
But it will be hard to wear narrow shoes.

1. When you feel uncomfortable after walking for a long time, please change the position of the toe cover or remove it
2. After starting to use for about a week, you may feel pain due to the stimulation of the toe
3. Have a fracture, Users with sprains, etc. may feel pain in the original injury.
4. It may be difficult to wear shoes with thin pointed shoes, but as you get used to it, this situation will disappear and you can wear shoes easily.
5. Please wear split-toe covers frequently to gradually extend the wearing time
6. Please take it off at bedtime.

Size: 22cm ~ 28cm
Weight (approximately) 12g
Material styrene-based Esutorama (rosehip blend)
PRO enhanced version (attitude + pelvis correction diet foot pad)

Package Included:
1 X Speedy Slim Toe Sleeve

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